I don't know if that is the thing to say to JFK...but he would have been 100 this year, the same year that I turned 80. Hard to believe in both cases. I remember when he was elected and of course I remember the day (and hour and minute) that he died.

I spent yesterday at the JFK Library in Boston, for a conference that was based on "writing from life"...memoirs, autobioraphies, etc. In the morning there was a panel with me and Alma Flor Ada and Nikki Grimes, and it was interesting (though not at all surprising) to see how despite different ethnicities, we all essentially had the same feeling for home and place and family and loved ones. Great to be wih them and others who were participating, though by afternoon, when I had to do a one-hour presentation by myself, my recent pneumonia caught up with me and I felt very wobbly. I must force myself to take it VERY EASY for a while.














Here I am with Sam Rubin, the director of Education at the JFK Library, one of many who participated in this very lovely day.

Now I am back in Maine where, amazingly, and distressingly, it is supposed to SNOW tomorrow....this after an 18-inch storm recently (this in MARCH, which is supposed to usher in spring!)

And back to the news that my son Ben has just been selected for .... ah, a big honor. But probably not yet for public announcement so I will zip my lips.  He said it will be in the paper this coming weekend so after that official announcment I will add my unofficial kudos here.  (Yay Ben!)


Okay (later) it is now public. Ben is to be inducted this sumemr into Maine's Baseball Hall of Fame. Although Ben is a practicing attorney, baseball has been a major part of his life since his days as a college star...and now, in his 50s, he is an umpire.  And a very good guy.