Well, no, This isn't really about Buddhist teachings.  It's about books.  I've been in this business a very long time...my first book for young people was published in 1977...and although all of my 40+ books are still technically in print, some of them are undergoing a refurbishing so that they will have an appeal for a new young audience.  The Anastasia series, for example, has new jackets (and in one case, a different title) and some of the new editions have introductions by me...it was actually fun to re-read them and think about how things have changed, or to reflect on why I wrote what I did so many years ago. And it has been gratifying to hear recently from adult women who are glad to see the series again, and to be reminded of how they loved them when they were young, and who tell me now they have daughters to whom they'll introduce the books.

And oh my goodness, Caroline Tate! Here is a new jacket for a re-edition of THE ONE HUNDREDTH THIG ABOUT CAROLINE. I wrote three books about Caroline and her brother, J.P., and later regretted not having connected the titles, so that many readers or fans didn't realize that they were a series...or at least a trilogy. Now, for this new edition, they have indicated that on the jacket by adding the collective title THREE ABOUT THE TATES. (Two more yet to come! I have a hard time choosing my favorite; all three are really fun midde-grade books. Caroline is 11; her brother is 13).


Another that has recently been repackaged is one of my favorites: STAY (subtitled "Keeper's Story") which is a first-person narrative of the life of a very special dog.

I'm amused now, given the current times, by re-reading the opening passage of STAY:

     I was born in the gutter and grew up in poverty, stealing and begging in order to survive. Then, through chance and circumstance, combined with (forgive my immodesty) a keen wit and a glorious appearance, I rose to grand heights of fame and affuence. Finally I retired to a quiet life in the country surrounded by loved ones.

    My story sounds familiar. Perhpas I remind the reader of someone who might once have run successfully for high pubic office.

You can tell that the language in this book is somewhat sophisticated...perhaps Dickensian...and requires a fairly sophisticated reader. But it is great fun, and has charming illustrations.