I have been away from this blog for a very, very long time; and now that I have returned, I find it overrun wiht "comments" that are actually Spam...so I have spent some time deleting all of that. My apologies to those who might have scrolled through and thought that I was recommending products...some of them porn-related...although actually I think most readers of blogs are savvy enough to know what's what (and what isn't).

Since I last posted here, an updated edition of my photographic memoir LOOKING BACK has been published, with twenty years of addiitonal material, including some stuff about the making of THE GIVER movie, plus tantalizing comments about the additon of a new and important person in my life (yes! Old Age Romance!).  And I've been travelling: Botswana, France, Germany...coming up: Cuba, and in the fall: northern Spain.

I have some interesting projects underway: one, a poem for an anthology; another a piece, non-poem, for a different anthology. I've written and published some introductions to other works, including for new editions of some of my own.  And I am always working on books.

I have recently written an essay called "A Story of Three Children" dealing with my concerns for refugees; I posted it on Facebook and Twitter, and find that many people are requesting a printable copy, which I will send to anyone who emails me and gives me their email address. (You can email me by...guess what! ...clicking on EMAIL ME on my website.) You have my permission to print and dsitribute "A Story of Three Children" if you share my concerns.