I've just received copies of the first two in the being-newly-republished Anastasia Krupnik series. These two have introductions by me (I don't thnk the rest will) and it was a lot of fun to re-read them, re-think them, try to recall the mindset when I wrote them  back in the 80's. (Actually, the first one was n the late 70s!)  Suddenly I remebered the answer to the qustion How did you get the idea for..."  Most often that is unanswerable, but Anastasia did in fact, have a real-life origin, a real-life person on whom she was based. It was fun, recalling that and writing a bit about it for the intro.

And the DVD of THE GIVER movie is out now, with extra bonus material that I loved watching (no, not the interview with myself; I didn't even bother watching that!)  What I especially enjoyed was seeing the scenes they couldn't include (time restrictions, boo hoo) of the boy and the baby out in that vast and glorious landscape.

New England weather has wrecked a number of plans lately...a meeting canceled when the other person simply could not get here from New York, as planes were delayed and canceled in wnidy, icy rain this past Tuesday. If that storm had been SNOW we would be buried now.

'Tis the season to be jolly. I have actually gotten all of my Christmas packages into the mail, and a lot of Chrismas cards as well, and last night delivered a birthday gift to the one grandchild who has a December birthday...(his fourteenth. It seems like yesterday that he was born. When his dad when to pick up mom and baby from the hospital that December, his car slid into a snowbank. I was babysitting with the two year old, and I recall my son coming back into the house, and I said, "That was a quick trip!" ...then realizing he looked a little stricken and was dialing AAA)

Happy Holidays to everyone! When I was a child, books were always an important part of our Christmas gifts.  I hope that is still true for most people.