Yes, I have been busy. No, I don't fritter away my time reading junk novels and eating bon-bons. I actually have been finishing up a project (foreword to a British book being re-published) and doing a number of interviews, and have also been going back and forth on movie-related trips (next week, San Diego)

But this afternoon I took a break and went to Netflix Streaming on my computer and watched a sweet little movie called "Last Love."  Beautifully photographed. Well acted by Michael Caine as an aging American professor living in Paris and mourning his dead wife.  One irritating glitch..the kind of thing no one notices except nitpickers like me...he says quite clearly early in the film that he lives in St. Germain, and indeed the neighborhood around his building LOOKS like St. Germain....but in one scene which purports to be looking toward his apartment, the camera is clearly on the Right Bank. Oh well.

But here's the thing: I fell victim, very early on, to Real Estate Lust. I want that apartment, the one where Michael Caine lives his lonely, sad life. I have several times rented flats in Paris. But the one I want is HIS.

And then, the longer I lusted after it, the more it began to look familar.

And here's why. I think it is the same Paris apartment that I lusted after while watching a different movie: the 2013 movie AMOUR. 

Very similar plot, actually.  But is it possible that the same flat was used as the set for two different films?

Sorry I coudn't find two photos of the same room!


But take my word for it.

And it doesn't really matter. What matters is that I want that apartment. So there.