This has been a tough and sad week for the country and it almost feels inappropriate to post anything that brings a smile or laugh. But life moves forward for us all. And it does seem as if the recent tragic events are going to bring about some real change, if only..if only...if only lawmakers don't put this behind them, ignore and forget, the way they have before. If only they can see beyond self-interest and the next election. If only they will pay attention this time.

In the spring, a dramatic production of GATHERING BLUE will be on stage at the Oregon Childrens Theater in Portland. Here is a wonderful piece of art they have created for their promotion:

 Stan Foote, the director of OCT, and his fine crew have done two other adaptations of my books: THE GIVER, adapted as GATHERING BLUE has been, by Eric Coble; and GOSSAMER, which I adapted. And Stan and I have some plans for future dramatic mischief together, too.

And here, too, is a recent comic strip from the Daytona Times Herald. The artist also happens to be a teacher and says this idea came to him from a student. (Why am I not surprised?)

Today comes the news, too, that the film of THE GIVER is moving forward at last. There are producers, and a director, and a star (Jeff Bridges) and they are interviewing young actors for the role of Jonas. They hope to start shooting in the spring.

No snow here yet, though there is at the farm in Maine. But there are many signs of Christmas....packages arriving, cards with news from friends, wreaths on the doors. I leave on December 27th for a long-planned and somewhat adventurous trip. More about that in anoter post to come.