Here is a problem I have, and it probably has no solution. So maybe I am looking more for sympathy than advice.

People email me through my website. It is easy to do, by clicking on "Email me" on the right hand side of the homepage. 

Those emails come every day. And I answer them, not always the day they arrive, but as soon as I can.

Every now and then, though, my reply bounces back to me as "undeliverable."  I think this is because there is a spam blocker of some sort, a filter that I can't get through, perhaps because the email is coming from a school. I always feel terrible when a reply can't be delivered, because of course the person who sent the original email thinks that I didn't respond.

Right now I am wringing my hands over a woman named Christie, who teaches two very special young girls and who asked me to send them a message.  i have tried and tried to do so. A second email came from her because she thought I hadn't answered the first.  But I have tried and tried, without success.

So: I'm sorry, Christie!  Please tell those two wonderful young girls that I tried.