Phoenix Airport announces itself as WORLD’S FRIENDLIEST AIRPORT. It won’t, however, let me on its WIFI network wihtout quite a hassle, so that doesn’t seem friendly.

 In other respects, though, Phoenix has been very friendly. 400+ people lined up last night to hear me talk about, and to have me sign, my new book.

  This morning, I ordered eggs benedict….cooked firm….at the restaurant in the Ritz, where I was staying. Midway through my eating them, the waitress stopped by and said, “Oh dear, those aren’t firm.” It’s okay, I told her with a shrug. “No it isn’t!” she said. “I’m going to tear up your bill.” And she did. And (this being the Ritz) it was a very large bill.

 This morning, going through security…NO LINE (that’s very friendly) …they professed not to believe that I was over 75. Over 75 means you can keep your shoes on, which I had.

 The security person called over another security person. “Do you believe she is over 75?” she said. “No way,” the other one said.

 Of course this is in their training manual. How to make travelers feel really good is the heading.

 But I like to view it as FRIENDLY. Thank you, Phoenix.. I had a nice time in your city.

 (Albuquerque, are you listening?  here I come)