It is 8:30 PM and I am headed to bed. And a fine bed it is, in the gorgeous St. Paul Hotel.

But I am feeling a little dejected.  Partly because my email has ceased working and I have spent a couple of hours with Tech Support at Comcast, with no success. And here I am with 10 days to go on an extended trip, and important communication cut off.

But also, this: tomorrow, in the NY Times Magainze, there will be an article about me and my new book, written by Dan Kois, who came this summer to meet with me and was an intelligent, thoguhtful man, with two children about whom he cares deeply. I am quite certain he didn't write the article with controversy or shock value in mind.  But it has already appeared in the online edition of The TImes... is my first reading of what he wroteand I am saddened by the tone of many of the posted comments that follow the article.  I have always been struck by, and have publicly commented on, the generosity and collegiality of children's authors. The vitriolic tone of some comments is startling.

I am very tired, having left Iowa at 5 AM, and just completed a speech and signing in Minneapolis at the end of this lengthy day, and I only read the article and its posted comments hastily and probably in a cursory fashion.  So I may be misrepresenting everything and tomorrow may have to post a "Sorry, I was completely wrong" addendum.

But readers seem to be upset by the fact that I expressed, as I often have before, my concern over the violence in THE HUNGER GAMES, which the NYT writer seems to share.

And I said—and I have often said this before, as well—that I don't read children's books. That is true. I am an avid reader but I have an extraordinarily busy life, with limited reading time, and I use it to read adult books. (Currently I am in the middle of the new Toobin book about the Supreme Court.)

It's not entirely clear why that would offend anyone. But so be it. I am what I am...a 75-year-old woman who reads adult books but writes for kids. And who is troubled by the violence  in THE HUNGER GAMES at the same time that I am impresesd by its fast-paced plot. (See? I DID read a YA book!)

Tomorrow I may re-read everything and feel better. Or maybe not.  Maybe, in any case, I will spend most of tomorrow talking to Comcast Tech Support before I go off to speak at the  St. Thomas O'Shaugnessy Educational Center. And then early Monday morning I fly to San Jose, CA, and the NY Times will be lining the bottom of birdcages everywhere.

Goodnight.  Zzzzzzzzzzzz.