Just for the record, I am very mad at chipminks despite their annoying cuteness. If they didn't have that sweet stripey back they would just be ordinary rodents.

The thing is, this is the first summer I have had a pair of cardinals here, and it has been exciting: that vibrant red really spices up a morning. So I got a special birdfeeder for them...for some reason they prefer to dine from a flat table instead of perching on the hanging swinging feeder where all the goldfinches and grosbeaks hang out. So I got them their own private restaurant and put it in the crabapple tree. Trouble is, every other minute there is a chipmunk in it, yelling "Look how cute I am!" and eating all the safflower seed...which I bought especially for the cardinals...and every morning the feeder is blooming empty for that reason.

I taught the cat not to climb the porch screen by using a water pistol, and it worked...Pavlov was right; negative condiitoning is very effective.  Even when there is a wonderful fluttery moth on the other side of the screen, you can see Lulu dying inside because she wants to leap at it, but she glances at the orange plastic pistol on the nearby table, and she stays put, with her whiskers vibrating

But I have work to do.  I can't lurk with my little gun out by the crabapple tree. Anyway, the UPS guy might see me and he would call 911. I would be in the local Police Blotter along with all the domestic disturbances and moose enounters.

Get lost, buddy!