Photographers always love the early morning (and early evening) hours because of the light. You can see that here, taken this morning of my granddaughter at 6:30 AM.

We head home least to MY home, in Massachusetts; then my German family heads back to Germany a few days later (after hitting the Mall one more time!)

A little more about writing a series (since I have been thinking about this topic, while starting on a  new series book) is important that the characters, who are familiar by now to the reader --- and the writer --- grow and change. Of course this varies according to the amount of time passing. The Gooney Bird books began in October and have gone month by month through a year of second grade. People don't change hugely month to month, though second graders of course are maturing and learning at a rapid pace. Felicia Ann was lisping because of missing front teeth in the early books; now her new teeth have grown in. Malcolm was having trouble adjusting to baby triplets in his family....he's a little more sanguine about them now. These are not major changes, of course,

But earlier in my writing life, i did a series of nine books about Anastasia Krupnik. She was 10, in fourth grade, in the first book; as the series progressed she became older; I think she was in eighth grade at the end. So there were many more changes to deal with.

My new book, not yet published, SON, begins at the same time as the first in the quartet..THE GIVER. But from there it follows the characters for probably 15-16 years. That was quite an undertaking. Jonas is married and has small children, now. Gabriel is a teenager.

Fictional characters begins to seem very real to the author. You worry about them. You rejoice for them. Sometimes you must mourn their loss.