...I forget the next words. A toddlin' town? (And what does that mean?)

And here I am, though soon to leave. I flew in yesterday morning, attended the 4 PM performance of THE GIVER, and am about to fly home.

I have seen the play of THE GIVER performed in countless towns and cities, done by countless theaters; and each one is different. The words are always the same, of course. but the set design, the costumes, the directing, the casting and acting...makes each one unique.

Three years ago ADVENTURE STAGE produced the stage version of GOSSAMER and did a great job so I was not surprised that once again they put on a fine production. Here is the set:


...well directed, well acted, and well received by an enthusiastic audience.

I am in a hotel in Oak Park, a lovely suburb (home to Frank Lloyd Wright and Ernest Hemingway) and soon to leave for the airport to head home. Next stop, Canada...more about that later.

I am toddlin' off to O'Hare.