I had set aside today to put my tax stuff together. This is a job I so dread that I do it in increments. Stages. Stage #1 is putting all the papers, 1099s, etc., together in a container---this year a canvas bag. This sits in my office for a while and I flinch each time I look at it. Stage #2 is moving the bag to a dining room chair, where I leave it for a few days; then Stage #3 is moving the stuff from the bag and putting it on the table. Then I have to walk past it frequently, and it is at that point that I choose a day., Today is the day.

But this morning I decided that I wanted to listen to Beethoven's Triple Concerto while I did the Tax Stuff. It took me a while to find it. When it began to play, I realized that I needed iced tea to sip while doing the Tax Stuff.

It took me a while to make iced tea.

When it was ready I went to the refrigerator to get a lemon to slice into my iced tea. While there, I discovered some blueberries that I had bought for blueberry pancakes when my grandsons were visiting recently. The pancakes had only used half of the blueberries so it suddenly seemed important to use the other half. I decided to look for a recipe that called for blueberries.

Then it seemed very important to important to organize my recipes. I was looking through things I had cut out of magazines and newspapers for years. How on earth can you find a recipe with blueberries when everything is smooshed together in a drawer? The recipes needed to be arranged in a notebook....and I had an empty one, actually. I decided, therefore, to go to Staples to buy a 3-hole punch and some dividers.

Now it is afternoon and I have a blueberry gingerbread in the oven. So probably I should invite someone for dinner. And maybe...since I have discovered several good chicken recipes while organizing my new recipe notebook...

But having guests for dinner will mean moving the Tax Stuff off the dining room table.

I think I will do just that.