Well, I can't figure out how to make that into an actual link. But if you paste that address into your browser, it will take you to quite a nice interview with David Bradley, the director of GOSSAMER for the Peoples Light Theater in Philadelphia; and with Maggie Fitzgerald, the very gifted 13-year-old who plays the leading role.

I recently was having to write up some autobiographical material for a doctoral candidate in the UK, and so I was thinking about myself at various young ages. At 13 I was shy, awkward, self-conscious, tongue-tied. How do kids like Maggie Fitzgerald become so self-confident and poised, so young? My granddaughter, Nadine, (who is now 16) was also, at 13, articulate and poised.  And neither of them at all obnoxious! I'm in awe of that.

Teeny NL pines

                                                                                          NADINE LOWRY, 13