Granted, I have not yet seen the show itself (and probably never will) but I have now seen enough promotional stuff to know for certain that I am offended by a coming TV show called "Armed and Famous" in which "celebrities" La Toya Jackson (go figure).... undergo a little training and then put on uniforms and apparently are given guns...and go out and are filmed while they are being, or pretending to be, cops.

The ads for this show, showing scenes from it, make it look as if there is a lot of merriment involved, and much squealing with amusement when the people (victims? perps?) who are stopped by these frauds suddenly realize that their apprender is actually - ta DA! - a CELEBRITY.

I'm trying to figure out why I find this so offensive. Would I be equally outraged if it were Celebrity Dentists? Celebrity Kindergarten Teachers?

Yes, I think I would. I think my outrage has to do with the fact that normal, hard-working, dedicated people invest a lot of time becoming qualified in their jobs...and then working, often underpaid, and caring about the work that they do. And certainly that is true of law enforcment people. My brother's son, Erik, has a college degree in Criminal Justice and he is a police officer. I have a daughter who is currently finishing a master's degree in Criminal Justice and I have observed first-hand the kind of study and research she has done in that field.

And now La Toya Jackson - and several other has-been, little-talent "celebrities" are allowed to strap on guns and pretend to be a police...for purposes of cheap entertainmment?

Sorry. But this pisses me off.