Here is a very happy graduate, my older daughter with her Master's Degree from Boston University, awarded last night.

We've had a lot of graduations in my family...all famliies do..and among my kids are a law degree and one other master's degree...but it never becomes old hat, and I still choke up - in a good way, a sentimental way - when they start marching in wearing caps and gowns.

And tonight I attended a fundraising event hosted by my friend Alice Hoffman, a breast cancer survivor who has for some years heroically and efficiently and magnificently raised money for the Hoffman Breast Center at Mouth Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, where I live. Alice knows so many writers and for each event has had a group of them come to read and speak; tonight were Ann Hood, Jodi Picoult, Susan Orlean, Gregory Maguire, Robert Parker, and Jacqueline Mitchard. Lovely food and wine and a thoroughly entertaining event at which a lot of $$$$ was raised which will save some lives.

My own sister died of breast cancer when she was 29 years old. So it is a cause that means a lot to me, as it does to so many others.