It is Friday. Christmas Eve. On Tuesday we were in the Zurich Airport, which was thronged with stranded travelers unable to get to their destinations because of weather that caused cancelled fligths and airport closings all over Europe.  Tuesday night, when we should hve been home in Cambridge, we were in a Zurich Airport hotel, using toothbrushes provided by Swiss International Airlines. We had been told that they could get us to Boston on Christmas Eve, 3 days later. Sigh. New toothbrushes are great but 4-day-old underwear sucks, to put it bluntly.

But by Wednesday night, magically and fortuitously, Swiss International had gotten us to Chicago. Not where we had been heading, but still: USA.

And Thursday morning we woke up in Cambridge, MA, able to complete all our errands here and hit the road today for Maine.

No idea where our luggage is. But we are safe and sound and ready for Christmas. The dog is retrieved from his kennel, where luckily they don't charge double for overtime. The car is loaded wiht food and gifts. Step-grandson Bailey is here overnight en route from college in NY to his parents on Marthas Vineyard this morning. We're picking up stepson Andy soon, and then going to New Hampshire to exchange Christmas gifts with daughter Kristin.  Then to Maine, where December 26th Ben, Lori, and grandsons Grey and Rhys will join us and we'll watch the Pats game together.  Anyone who doesn't want to watch will have to sit outside in a snowbank.

Snow predicted, both Maine and Massachusetts, Sunday and Monday. On Tuesday we'll head back here and sometime during that week I think we'll have to go to Logan Airport and try to find a human to talk to about our lost luggage, since only a recording answers the phone. The recording (Swiss International Baggage) has a very nice voice, a wanting-to-be-helpful voice, asking me to leave my number and a short message. But I have left many short messages now, along wiht my number, and I think the person with the nice voice is probably sick of the whole luggage mess and has gone off to ski in the Alps.



and while I wish him well, and I like Swiss chocolates and am glad the Von Trapps made it over the mountains and all that....still: as I said once in The Willougbys:  IT MAKES ME VANT TO WOMIT.