This handsome poster has been created for the not-yet-made film of NUMBER THE STARS. Producer/director Sean Astin is still in the process of raising the necssary financing but he has a fine screenplay which adheres very closely to the book, and plans (if $$$ is forthcoming) to film in Denmark next spring.

Sean told me this recently:  during leadership speeches that I give at universities...when the students ask what I'm doing next and I tell them we are adapting Number the Stars... without fail, a very specific audible gasp, filled with strong memories and a pulse of excitement, bursts forth... followed invariably by a round of applause...

I hope his production company can pull the necessary pieces together because he is very commited to the project and has worked terribly hard to bring it this far. As I know, though, from watching The Giver movie start and stop and start and stop for years now, these things are never certain.

In the meantime: I love the poster.