Reading each day's email that arrives through my website is always interesting, sometimes heartening, occasionally (sorry) annoying, often surprising.

Here is an excerpt from one that came today:

Respected Mam,

I am a teacher and administrator in Dr. Tobgyel School, situated in Thimphu, Bhutan, in this country for our Class X board exams we teach one of your master creation novel THE GIVER, it is in our syllabus and I am so happy to inform you that the students not only enjoy the novel written by you but they cherish each and every moment of the novel class reading your novel. As a teacher I am so thankful to you for giving me an opportunity to teach your creation, it is an life time opportunity to teach a novel like this.

It is a reminder of the role that a book takes on long after it is out of the hands of the writer. Recently, in anticipation of moving, I have been sorting and packing, and in some cases donating, foreign editions of books, and so I have been looking at copies of The Giver in Estonian and Hungarian and Hebrew and a zillion other languages (I don't even know what language they would be reading in Bhutan; Chinese, perhaps?)  and thinking about all those young poeple out there, all of them pondering the same questions, worrying about the future they will all share.  

Vietnamese Giver

Serbian GIVER

These two are—(I think; sometimes it's hard to figure them out)—Vietnamese and Serbian.

It's truly overwhelming.