I'll be heading out next Monday, the 21st, for a 6-city tour (Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Mpls/St. Paul, and Detroit/Ann Arbor).  Schedule of events available on my website: http://www.loislowry.com/tour.php  Book tours are always exhausting. But to my pleasure I will see a number of friends this trip: Eric Rohmann (illustrator of "Bless This Mouse") in Chicago (he'll be at the bookstore with me); my daughter and several friends in SF; Sean Astin, who is making the movie of "Number the Stars," in LA; my friend Alan in Denver; my friend Margaret (to whom "Bless This Mouse" is dedicated), in St. Paul...so there will be some fun times.

Lamstein poster

In tiny print (lower right corner) on this poster it says "Phto by Nadine Lowry"...she took this when I was in Germany just before Christmas. And here is the beauitful granddaughter/photographer Nadine:

Nadine 3-11

This morning I spent some time sitting and observing a second grade classroom in a public school nearby, making notes about the things on the walls, observing the kids—a wonderfully diverse group, this being Cambridge, MA—watching the teacher teach math (I would FLUNK second grade math), all on behalf of the Gooney Bird books. And I watched the teacher, later, privately, hug a little girl who had been distessed at getting an answer wrong.  How sad that some schools don't allow teachers to touch students. That little girl so needed that hug.

I am busily preparing the Lamstein Lecture (March 31st) and the Arbuthnot Lecture (April 15, St. Louis)...(ah, here's one more poster)..

Arbuthnot poster

...but right now I am dashing off to get my hair cut.

Oh, and alsao envying my son Ben. Here he is with his Lori in the Caribbean. Today, in Cambridge, it is bleak and raw and rainy.

Ben Lori DR