I brought a camera on this trip but unfortunately I forgot to bring the gizmo that allows me to download photos into my laptop. When I get home I'll put them in: a video taken from a stage in an auditorium in Chicago, looking out at an auidience of kids who are enthusiastically singing Happy Birthday to me; and a photo of me with illustrator Eric Rohmann, signing books. No photos from SF, where it rained every minute, except for one of the amazing bed in my hotel room. And a photo of me with Sean Astin and his wife, Christine,  in LA.  We went to the Getty Center, where I had not been before---it's spectacular---and found a quiet place to sit and have tea and talk about the movie of "Number the Stars"...

Anyway, no photos yet. But they will come.  I am in Denver now...where it snowed this morning!...and headed to Mieeapolis/St. Paul tomorrow.  From there to Michigan, Oak Park and Ann Arbor, and then HOME on Saturday.

It was interesting to be in public with Sean, whose face is well known because of the Lord of the Rings movies, and to see the number of fans* who come up to him and say, "Are you...""  "Could you possibly be..?" "Can you sign my child's sweatshirt?" "Can I have my photo taken with you?" and to see that he remains cheerful and gracious.  Fame could be a nuisance, I  think.

*including a group of women in headscarves who said they were from Iraq and had been in this country only four months

My hotel in LA (actually, in Claremont, east of LA), had a tiny movie theater behind it, and as I was finished with appearances by 6 or 7 each evening..I went to two movies: "Of Gods and Men" and "The Lincoln Lawyer"...in the evenings, which made it seem almost like a vacation.


Later today I go to do a reading/signing at the wonderful Tattered Cover bookstore.  Then back to the hotel to reorganize my suitcase (only a carry-on! For ten days! I am so proud of myself!) for the next leg of my journey. No movie theater here. But I'm good at watching mindless TV at the end of a busy day.