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"Snow Blankets the East"....

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on Sunday, 20 December 2009 in Uncategorized
....is the headline in the NY Times, followed by

Snow Spreads Across Region  An enormous storm piled on New York and New England after crippling the nation’s capital and mid-Atlantic.

And it is true.  Of course it happens every year, so  we should be very blasé about it, but nonetheless the first storm is always kind of exciting, even though this one has screwed up my plans to drive to New Hampshire today to see my daughter.  Later this afternoon I will make it to a neighborhood party, though---no driving involved.

This is the opening of a chapter in "The Silent Boy":

    Snow! When I woke, I could feel the silence of it. There was frost on my window, and the room was cold. It had been cold when I went to bed, but now it was a different kind of cold, a quiet kind.

     I didn’t get up at first. I snuggled there under my blue and white quilt, thinking about how it would look outside. The world changes so, with the first snow. Ghost shapes appear where bushes had been.

   Looking outside this morning started me thinking about writing about snow.  Here's another, a short story by me from the collection called "Necessary Noise"..




The December weekend that Evelyn Collier, age 18, came home from college in order to introduce her boyfriend to her family, was the same weekend that it had begun to snow on Friday morning. On Friday evening, when the travelers arrived, it was still snowing.

Mrs. Collier, inquiring about their luggage when the pair stood stamping snow from their shoes in the kitchen, was informed by her daughter that there was none.

"No suitcases?" Mrs. Collier asked, shivering as she pulled the kitchen door closed and peered through its window toward the dented, rusty car in which her daughter had just been transported one hundred miles through increasingly heavy snow by a young man who was not wearing a coat.

“We’re into minimalism,” Evelyn explained to her mother.


(Of course you can tell from the title that this family is going to be stuck with the daughter's unappealing boyfriend for an extended period).

There is also  GOONEY BIRD IS SO ABSURD, in which the second graders write poems about a snowstorm.

And right now I am working on a manuscript in which, once again, the winter's first snowfall happens.

Amazing, how each year it seems as if it has never happened before.

It surprises Alfie, too, and he doesn't like it much. You want me to go out in THAT?

Alf snow 12:09

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Austin Ball Monday, 29 November 1999

Hey why is it now unoccupied? It lookes beautiful?

lois Lowry Monday, 29 November 1999

The military discontinued their use of it and it has become part of the National Park Service. Recently a school has opened on the island and I am going to visit there in October so I will learn more details then.

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