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on Tuesday, 16 February 2010 in Uncategorized

Just for the record, I have never thought of myself as an addictive personality. Okay, yeah, there was the cigarette thing, for which I blame my college (in those days, the 50’s, they let cigarette companies give out freebies in the dorms. We all became addicted to Marlboros, along with playing bridge and knitting argyle socks for our boyfriends. Later we wised up and quit it all, even in most cases the boyfriends.)

Booze? Nah, never caught on with me. I still buy wine by the label rather than the vineyard or the year. A gold-embossed castle carries a lot of weight for me in terms of wine selection. Or I go for the whimsical name: Fat Bastard has an appeal, as does Roo’s Leap. And still, castle, bastard, or roo: I often leave half a glass to be tossed out by the waiter. 

Gambling? Porn?  Yawn: don’t think so.   But this week (and presumably next, as well) I am addicted to the Olympics. And I don’t know why.   I am not an athlete, never have been. I gave birth to two athletes: (one son: captain of his college baseball team, the other son: tennis team) but the giving-birth part (and the driving to lessons and games when they were young) was my only physical involvement. Now I drag myself to my gym reluctantly twice a week but this morning let a mild snowstorm cause me to cancel. 

Nothing, however, seduces me into canceling my evening in Vancouver. Last night was the Westminster Dog Show---and everyone knows I’m a dog nut---but I flipped the channel over briefly just to watch the Tibetan Terrier and then was right back to Snowboard Cross and Men’s Moguls.  

At other, more normal, times of year, I think a double axel is a car part and a toe pick is a tool for a pedicurist   But now I am obsessively interested in people with names like Bode and Shani and Pang Qing.

And it extends beyond the athletes. I worry about the fact that Peggy Fleming seems to have Od’ed on cosmetic surgery, and I am very concerned about Dick Button’s feet, which appear oddly chunky and ill-shod (I fear he damaged them years ago doing twizzles). 

In preparation for the withdrawal I know is on the horizon, I am admitting my powerlessness over this. I am preparing to apologize to those I have short-changed (like Martin, who used to get a full-fledged dinner in the evenings).

I will make amends.  But not until after the closing ceremony.


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Michael G-G Monday, 29 November 1999

Now that is some dream!
Yes, summer is coming to an end in Oregon too. Bittersweet, as I love the sunny mornings--but the kids wll soon be back in school (yippee!)

Jennifer Elliott Monday, 29 November 1999

That IS creepy.... Sounds a little like where Jonas used to live-- certain people always knowing what you're doing-- but I think even he had the privacy of sleeping without being watched... or at least he did when he became the Receiver!
Ahhh... we are three weeks into a new school year, and I can already pick out some students who are going to be passionate readers of The Giver come November!
Yes, fall is coming. I just hope some cooler weather comes with it-- at least to Indiana!

Betty Birney Monday, 29 November 1999

Hi, Lois,
As creepy as it was, I almost envy your dream - it was so brilliantly visual. I'm sure it will trigger a story. I'm in a hotel in Edinburgh - hope they didn't photograph me last night but I did sleep soundly.

lois Lowry Monday, 29 November 1999

Hi, Betty! Hope the gardens in the center of Edinburgh are wonderfully in bloom. In fact I hope you're staying at the Caledonian Hotel...my favorite.

Betty Birney Monday, 29 November 1999

The weather is beautiful here. The Edinburgh BookFest put me up at Channings - Ernest Shackleton's home.

Sierra G. Monday, 29 November 1999

It sounds like you are having a good wrap up to your summer. I am too, I went to Sturgis earlier this month, I must say there were a lot of interesting people there.
Your dream was scary as well, sort of Orwellian in nature...sounds like something out of your book The Giver too, in the community that Jonas lived in. Your books have always been inspiring to me; one of my favorites was Gathering Blue. :)
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I hope the rest of your summer is enjoyable, and that you don't have anymore bad dreams.

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