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A 4-letter synonym for MERDE

Posted by Lois Lowry
Lois Lowry
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on Sunday, 29 December 2013 in Uncategorized

A terrible blow. My subscription to the NY Times has become irrevocably screwed up, and now I get no newspaper delivered, and finally I have gotten them to stop billing me for the unarriving paper, but I have yet to rev up my stamina to make the necessary phone call/s that might, if I can get past the electronic menu, get them to start up my subsciption. I want a truce, a no-blame treaty, and I want my NYTimes on my front porch every morning. But it isn't happening yet.

That, however, is not my terrible blow. The blow is this: that this morning I said goodbye to my overnight guest, put on my coat and gloves and hat and boots, and went out to buy the NY Times, maybe a 2-mile drive to the drugstore.  I bought their last copy, and also bought some cough drops, because it is that time of year, and a brand new EnerGel pen for doing the NY Times crossword puzzle, something I have sorely missed during my weeks without it.

And when i got home, I opened up my new pen, poured a fresh cup of coffee, and opened up the NY Times...and WWWAAAAHHH there is no maagzone section in it. Hence, no crossword puzzle.

Okay,  I have the international news, and the Arts and Leisure section, and The News of the Week in Review, and I have Sports, even though I don't really care about the Patriots any more after last week's game. But I do. not. have. the. puzzle.  Abd this is a devastating blow.

I am thinking of going back to bed, even though it is 11 AM.  Yes, I am that sad.

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brenda wyckoff
brenda wyckoff
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brenda wyckoff Sunday, 29 December 2013

Where there is merde, compost cannot be far behind! And for that matter, where is Will Shortz when you need him?!?! Even though it won't solve your problem for today, have you considered getting a copy of Will Shortz Puzzle Master Workout (available on Amazon for $7.43) to have on hand for those crossword withdrawals? I'm guessing your craving is too advanced for online puzzles, and your pain and despondence leave me in desperation. How to help you!?!?! For now, I will have confidence that you are resilient and resourceful. Perhaps you might seize this OPPORTUNITY (this is after all a crisis, you know) and create a puzzle hungry puzzler's challenge!
This morning I felt the post holiday letdown a bit, and your puzzle dilemma has fully ignited my own discomfort. Since I can only hear your pain, I will bake bread and sort my seeds for spring planting. We start our seeds early for March transplanting because Tucson slides from frost to fry in a matter of days.
Happy New Year?? I wish you well with your NY Times puzzles!

Wallis Wallis
Wallis Wallis
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Wallis Wallis Monday, 13 July 2015

See how the Charlie Charlie game is freaking people out all over the Internet

If your kids say they've become scared of "Charlie," it's not the neighborhood bully it's an urban legend and game that's taking over the Internet.

The game is simple: You only need two pencils and a piece of paper. Draw a quadrant on the paper and write "Yes" on two of the spaces and "No" on the Nike ACG Mens Shoes others, and then cross the pencils to match up with the lines of the quadrant. Finally, say, "Charlie, Charlie are you here?" or "Charlie, Charlie can we play?" and follow up with a question such as, "Will the Royals get over this losing streak?" The allegedly Mexican demon Charlie will supposedly appear and move the top pencil to answer your question.

The origin of "Charlie Charlie" isn't officially known, but according to Know Your Meme, it might have begun with the YouTube video "Jugando Charly Charlie," which originated in June 2014. The game, which is similar to Bloody Mary and a Ouija board, garnered attention earlier this week and in the past seven days has been tweeted more than 1.5 million times.

But The Independent explained that a demon isn't controlling the pencil gravity and the positioning Nike Air Presto Leopard of the pencils are. The publication added that, unlike a Ouija board, no one is pushing the pencils, which makes many believe a spirit is pushing them. But even the smallest movement will make the pencils move because one is balanced on top Air Jordan 23 Degrees F of the other.

BBC also reported that no demon named Charlie exists in Mexico and that Mexican demons are typically created by Americans.

But that hasn't stopped many people from sharing their freakouts screaming when the pencil moves on social media, which, at least, is fun to watch.

Wallis Wallis
Wallis Wallis
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Wallis Wallis Monday, 13 July 2015

Selena Gomez's Best Looks

SIGN UP TO EARN POINTSSelena Gomez might be hot and cold when it comes to dating ex boyfriend, Justin Bieber, but when it comes to her red carpet looks, she's always Nike Air Presto High on fire.

The former Wizards of Waverly Place starlet has come pretty far since her days as a Disney Channel star. Not only does she has a full fledged acting and music career nowadays, but she has managed to catch the eyes of numerous designers.

From Vera Wang, Versace, Marchesa, and more, Selena can be seen at any movie premiere or music awards show wearing designer pieces that are seriously earning her fashion icon points.

What's more, Selena's style teeters between sexy and demure, where she manages to show off just the right amount of skin. Whether it's a thigh high slit, or a deep V cut, Selena knows Nike Air Presto Leopard how to work a look without risking a major wardrobe malfunction or gasp a slip!

Before we know Air Jordan 23 Degrees F it, Selena could very well become a designer's muse, and we could see her clad in haute couture in every magazine. We're sure Justin would appreciate that.

Wallis Wallis
Wallis Wallis
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Wallis Wallis Monday, 13 July 2015

Selenium Toxicity

Serving vegetables at dinner makes you a better cook and a loving parentNGS technology helps identify new mitochondrial disease geneSix Catalonia research centres collaborate to set up The Barcelona Institute of Science and TechnologyStudy Nike Air Presto High proposes use of soft computing solutions to predict survival in multiple trauma patientsTwo physician scientists in search for better Alzheimer disease treatmentNew educational infographic highlights risks to radiologist health and diagnostic accuracy from RSI

Although selenium is an essential trace element, it is toxic

if taken in excess. Exceeding the Tolerable Upper Intake Level of 400

micrograms per day can lead to selenosis.

This 400 microgram Tolerable

Upper Intake Level is based primarily on a 1986 study of five Chinese

patients who exhibited overt signs of selenosis and a follow up study on

the same five people in 1992.

The 1992 study actually found the maximum

safe dietary Se intake to be approximately 800 micrograms per day (15

micrograms per kilogram body weight), but suggested 400 Nike Air Presto Leopard micrograms per

day to not only avoid toxicity, but also to avoid creating an imbalance

of nutrients in the diet and to account for data from other countries.

The Chinese Air Jordan 23 Degrees F people who suffered from selenium toxicity ingested selenium

by eating corn grown in extremely selenium rich stony coalThis coal was shown to have selenium content as

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