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Lois Lowry
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on Saturday, 03 November 2012 in Uncategorized

This is my arm.  Actually, to be specific, it is the inside of my left arm, at the elbow. I went for an uneventful annual physical Wednesday morning, and they did an uneventful blood test, and now, for some reason, this is my arm, resembling a bad case of gangrenous frostbite.


I am in a Holiday Express Inn in WEstfield, Massachusetts. I came here today to accept the Carol Otis Hurst Book Prize...which is a real pleasure, since Carol was a very dear friend of mine...but I realized that It would turn dark before I got home, and Ihave difficulty driving int he dark; so I decided to spend the night and head home in the AM.  Actually it was not a hard decision because  my home still has a big hole in the bedroom ceiling and another in the matser bathroom wall, just above the smashed window.  I have been dealing with roofers and contrators and insurance adjustors all week but there are still gaping holes, and still tree parts everywhere; now and then more dead leaves flutter in, as if I am living in a weird animated cartoon.

So I enjoyed driving to western Massachusetts instead of staying and staring morosely at my semi-destroyed house.  Of course I still have to stare at my gangrenous arm, since it accompanies me. But it is chilly out now, in November, and so I can cover it with long sleeves.

But too often, in a hotel room, I find myself turning on the TV to an obsure channel and watching true crime: midwestern housewives stabbed to death by their insurance-salesman husbands, who invariably do something stupid two years later so that the detective with the weather-beaten face is able to catch them.

At the event today, I was greeted by an old friend from college, someone I hadn't seen since we were both 18.  That happens now and then and is always a surprise and a pleasure, even as it reminds me of my immature self, not always the best of memories. 

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Jane Hinrichs
Jane Hinrichs
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Jane Hinrichs Sunday, 04 November 2012

Lois, I love your blog. I feel like I know you. do you drink coffee????

Anyway, I totally identify with remembering feelings or memories from my past I don't really like to remember....that's sure happened to me. BUT, I have found out that often the other people don't remember it that way at all. :D

steve sunderland
steve sunderland
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steve sunderland Sunday, 11 November 2012

Dear Ms. Lowry: I want to add my thanks for your great work on "The Giver" series. Thanks to the review of "Son" in the NY Times, I have felt the desire to read the earlier books. I am a professor of peace and I am always on the hunt for books that raise questions about peace and the future. Your series is the best I have seen in a long time. My graduate class is reading "The Giver" and we are deep into a conversation about the values we would want to promote in our future. The other books also raise questions of importance about what we are prepared to do to foster values that include peace and humanity. You beautifully raise the question, especially in "Gathering Blue," about the place in our present and future society for those who are "artists," or "different," or so-called, "disabled. Too often there is no mindfulness about these populations, these family members, and those among us who are "outside."

I shall continue reading your other works and sharing them as "presents" with my students and family. I wonder if there are other philosophy or political science or education professors that are using your work to illustrate many of the key issues. Your work connects beautifully with the educational philosopher, Nel Nodding, especially her ongoing work on "caring." Also, there is a wonderful connection to the works of Jane Yolan. Do you know her?

I hope to submit at another time the comments of my friends and students. In closing, a deep bow of gratitude for raising important questions in a poetic and mythic way.

In peace,

Steve Sunderland, PhD, professor of peace
Peace Village
University of Cincinnati
College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services

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