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Still on the road

Posted by Lois Lowry
Lois Lowry
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on Thursday, 11 October 2012 in Uncategorized

I am writing this from Salt Lake City, which I will leave in an hour, headed to the airport, and from there to Phoenix. Five cities to go.

Backing up, though, playing catch-up: first San Jose, at Hicklebee's wonderful store, which I have visited many times before.  Great crowd.  Then a very relaxing day with my daughter in San Francisco: brunch by the ocean, then a walk in the Japanese Garden at Golden Gate Park. I needed that break.  And she had my laundry done!  A talk that night at the SF Library; and then off the next morning to SLC. Last night I spoke to an overflow crowd of 600 or so at the Provo Libary, which is in a specatacuar historic building.  Then LONG signing lines. Such enthusiastic people. A lovely evening. But tiring for an old lady!

I am having to grab time here and there to answer email, and I have a request for teachers, if any are reading this.  Please send ONE email whihc can include comments, questions, etc., from your students...as opposed to individual emails from kids.   It

is not just your class, your maybe 15 kids...but there are others coming in simultaneously; and It is very, very hard for me to manage 50-60 emails at a time; even when I am not on the road.

Yesterday was made somber by the fact that my friend Anne Sandalls, died in her sleep the night before. I first met Anne probably 18-19 years ago when I was asked to give the Ben Sandalls lectre, an anual event endowed by Anne and her husband Bill in mempory of their 12 year old who had died in an accident. It was a fitting and wonderful memorial to a young boy who had loved books; and I hope that in whatever celestal universe there is, Anne is with Ben now.

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Janet Seegmiller
Janet Seegmiller
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Janet Seegmiller Sunday, 11 November 2012

I missed you in Salt Lake City by a month as it is Nov. 11th today, but just finished reading Son as I traveled to and from Salt Lake City yesterday and today. I've been a Giver fan since 1993 and recommended it to many prospective teachers at So. Utah University when I taught children's lit in 2000 and 2001. I finished reading Son with tears in my eyes tonight as I felt like my friends Jonas and Kira and now Claire and Gabe were all together at last. Your ending was wonderful. Thanks so much!!

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