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Lois Lowry
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on Wednesday, 29 February 2012 in Uncategorized

Here I am (on the right) in Sarasota, Florida, last night, with (on the left) author Lois Duncan.  She and I have known each other for many, many years (and sometimes get each other's mail)—we call each other TOL (The Other Lois) but it is rare to have a chance to simply sit and talk for a while. So it was a treat to do that last night.

I don't know why this photo is oddly elongated. And I could in fact fool with it to try to repair that flaw. But I am too lazy. And maybe the distortion makes us look young and thin?

One of the things I most value about my work is the friends I have made through it.

Tonight I am back in Massachusetts, where it is snowing; and in Sarasota—where I just spent three days—it is undoubtedly still warm and breezy. I wish I could have stayed longer! But commitments call. A meeting with my contractor. A meeting with my tax person. A photographer coming to do a new book-jacket photo (elongated? Probably not, alas)  Dental things.     ad infinitum


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Kara Heyn
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Kara Heyn Friday, 02 March 2012

It is always nice to see good friends. It is cold, wet, and typically not a normal winter in Iowa, but we are dealing with it the best we can. It is normally 0 degrees or in the teens this time of year, but we are having thunderstorms and temps from 30-50 degrees. It is really crazy, but our farmers needed the moisture.

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