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on Sunday, 02 May 2010 in Uncategorized

I've just returned from Philadelphia and from seeing (twice) a beautiful production of "Gossamer" at the Peoples Light Theater.  I shouldn't be surprised at this anymore, but I continue to be amazed at how theater people---all of them: director, designers, actors---can take words and make magic of them.

These photographs were taken by Mark Garvin (you can see others on the theater website: www.peopleslight.org)

TE and Littlest copy

This is Littlest, played by Maggie  Fitzgerald, showing Thin Elderly (actor Christopher Patrick Mullen) how gentle and delicate her touch is....

Littlest and John copy

...and here Littlest prepares to bestow a dream on John, the abused boy (played by Daniel Dychala)

This is the fourth production I have seen of this play, and each one has its own individual feel. I've seen the little boy John, a feisty redhead in Portland, Oregon... played by a young woman, in Chicago.  I've seen Toby, the dog, played by a puppet in Milwaukee and by a teenage age boy in Portland.  I've seen different lighting, heard different sounds effects and music.  The Heap---the place where the dreamgivers live--has been literally underground (Milwaukee, where the actors climbed up from holes in the stage) and here, in Philadelphia, inside a complex jungle-gym-like structure where they climbed and contorted and dangled and arranged themselves. It all works.

I find myself thinking about writing another play. I even have one in mind. (Stan? Are you reading this?)

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Michael G-G Monday, 29 November 1999

I like your honesty, Lois. Still, it is a sobering thought that our blogs are open to everyone. I guess if we want a space for private thoughts, we'll have to resurrect the old locked diary. I still remember the thrill of getting one as a kid.(Wow! A lock. My parents know that there are some thoughts I want to keep to myself.)
Hope you have an enjoyable trip with Antonia and Harold.

Jude Monday, 29 November 1999

I was behind reading your blog, so went back to read that entry. I would think that if author x actually came across the entry, she'd find it as amusing as I did (even if she didn't agree with your opinion).

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