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on Wednesday, 24 August 2011 in Uncategorized

The score is 9-1, Red Sox over Texas, in the 6th inning so I felt that it was safe for me to turn it off and head to bed with a book. (If the score is close, they need me to sit here rooting for them)

But before I did, Alfie let me know that he despeately wanted to go outside.  Barking, running to the back door, looking at me imploringly.  Usually he is in for the night after dark...this time of year, 8 PM.  There is too much Out There, at night, as I learned the hard way when he met with a porcupine one night.

But he was really, really wanting to go out so I put a leash on him, donned a jacket (it is chilly at night now) and grabbed a flashlight because it is a moonless cloudy night, very dark outside.  We had barely rounded the corner of the house when I saw why he had been so agitated: a large deer on the lawn, looking back at us, a deer-in-the-headlights look....(make that flashlight).  A deer, even a large one, is not frightening..they all look like Bambi's mother. But Alfie was beside himself; and the deer bounded away and disappeared into the trees.  We continued our walk, Alfie's nose to the ground...there was apparently much deer aroma to check out...and then when we rounded the back of the barn, there was something else in the nearby woods: a growly/hissing sound and a lot of heavy rustling in the underbrush. ..coyote, maybe? THAT was scary, and reminded me why I don't let my 26-pound dog out alone at night.

I am leaving here next week because of commitments back home, and a trip to California coming up; but I'll be back briefly in October and then again in November.  That's when the kitten...soon, I suppose, to be called cat...will be put to the test; because fall is when the mice come in, looking for a winter home. I am planning on Lulu feasting on mouse often. Oh dear: I recently wrote a book in which all the characters were very appealing mice.  There is a discrepency here.

My book revisions (human characters, not rodents) are done and sent off to the editor and by changing font size I got it down from 465 pages to 404, whihc seems slightly less daunting.

And now I am turning this Sox game—7th inning starting—over to Jacoby Ellsbury and am going upstairs to my book.

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Juliana Rowland Monday, 29 November 1999

Sigh. It's 84 degrees inside my house right now, and it's almost 8 pm. I am envying you your jacket! Safe travels, and I hope the Red Sox held onto it for you. :-)

Jennifer Fischer Monday, 29 November 1999

I have a friend who adopted two cats in the hopes that they would keep away the mice in her house. One night, as she was reading a book and the cats were relaxing on the floor, a mouse scurried in front of them, and they simply just watched it go on its merry way to the kitchen! Some cats are not "mousers" apparently! :)

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