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Waiting for Irene

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on Saturday, 27 August 2011 in Uncategorized

Today is still bright and clear but I'll be bringing in the bird feeders tonight, preparing for the storm. One friend who was visiting left this morning instead of tomorrow, fearing she wouldn't be able to get out...and she has tickets to the US Open on Tuesday.  My other guest is still here...he has a flight out late in the day Monday so shuld be okay.

We will likely lose power so are well-stocked with alternative lighting, water stored for when the pump goes off, etc.  But I don't anticipate huge problems here in Maine.

I went out and picked apples...the trees are well laden this year...and then sent this photo to my brother, titled "Pie tonight"


In reply his wife sent this, titled "cake tonight"

Little Debbie

which made me A) chuckle and B) appreciate having a family with a sense of humor.  How we would get through this life without laughter???

Son Ben and his partner are at today's Red Sox game (currently 8-2, Boston ahead over Oakland).  The sky over Fenway looks ominous on TV. He called me yesterday from the train en route from Portland to Boston, to alert me to the fact that the children's tent, in a distant corner of the meadow, might blow down. Well, nothing I can do about it.  We'll do damage control after the thing is over.

Friends brought a 3-month old grandbaby by yesterday for me to take some photos. Here is an out-take: baby Ella, with Lulu

Ella 7 8-11

Just for the record, here are the 2011 hurricane names (we have Jose to look forward to next):


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Richard Hellesen Monday, 29 November 1999

Stay warm and dry!!

Clay Monday, 29 November 1999

I laughed at loud, so loud - it startled the dog. Stay safe and dry. Your photography hobby reminds me of my parents.

Sally Bender Monday, 29 November 1999

I'm watching news of Irene's path from here in sunny, hot, wishing we had some rain Manitoba and hoping that your day will be as uneventful as it can possibly be. Thinking of everyone in Irene's path...stay safe.

anne Monday, 29 November 1999

We really didn't anticipate huge trouble here in Vermont, though we were prepared for something of a hit. Who could predict the destruction of so many state roads, bridges, and riverside homes? I'm still stunned, and feel so sorry for those who remain cut off from larger hubs, many still with no power.

At first, many of us understood the damage via Twitter and Facebook but felt ignored by mainstream media. They did catch on eventually, validating our state's existence despite its diminutive population compared to NYC. "We are Vermont Strong," and communities will rebuild.

Revely Monday, 29 November 1999

I think I could get behind Hurricane Ophelia. I always thought that girl might have been better off if she'd thrown a really intense temper tantrum, you know? And Hurricane Whitney has a pop-culture appeal.

I hope I'm not hurricane profiling!

Your photo of apples makes me want some Windfall Pie. Though the only pair more suited to perfect harmony than apples and pie crust has to be babies and pets. A classic!

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