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I left my heart in...

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Lois Lowry
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on Monday, 12 September 2011 in Uncategorized

...San Francisco, of course. That's where I am, visiting my daughter for a few days, then some close friends.

Here I am at the Rodin sculpture garden on the Stanford campus yesterday


Just last fall I was at the Rodin Mueum in Paris so this felt very familiar. Kind of sad, remembering being there wiht Martin such a short time ago....but also nice to reecall the many wonderful trips we had together. That day, we had lunch in a small cafe near the Rodin Museum, and were seated next to an elderly French couple whose Englsh was as bad as our French. The two men concentrated on their beer. But the woman and I got to talking, or trying to talk, and she told me (in poor English) that they had a daughter in Phoneix. I saud (in horrible French) that Phoenix is very hot. She agreed. Then I told her that we lived in Boston. She said (in horrible English) that Boston is very cold, and I agreed. We both beamed at each other as if we were accomplished linguists. Actually we sounded like Lesson #1 in a 6th grade French book.

And next month I will be in Paris again, with my granddaughter. She DOES speak beautiul French so I will be careful not to humiliate her in such a way.

I have been incommunicado for a while because of Hurricane Irene, which coincided with my leaving Maine and returning to Cambridge, and a lot of stuff to do at both ends....and because I am working on creating a new website. Actually, I have a terrific website deisgner doing the hard part, but  MY part is a steep learning curve for me, technomoron that I am.  When it is up and running...I hope next week....the blog will move there and I assume will be easily accessible.

In the meantime, my "schedule" on the current website is not working. So for those who  might be in the area, I wll be in Concord, NH, at Gibson's Bookstore at 7 PM on Monday, September 19th;  the next day (9/20) at Northshire Bookstore in Manchester Center, VT, at 5:30 PM; and on 9/21 at the Flying Pig Bookstore in Shelburne, VT, at 4 PM.   A wonderful time of year to be in those New Engand locations (and of course ANY time of year is a good time to be in a bookstore!)


Here is my daughter on a crocodile. Actually, a wonderful wooden carved croc from Papua New Guinea (also on the Stanford campus)

I go home Thursday and start preparing for the Pats game on Sunday. The Red Sox are disappointing me badly so I am turning my attenton to football.

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Jennifer Fischer Monday, 29 November 1999

Looking forward to seeing the new website! :)

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Geoffrey Thursday, 21 December 2017

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