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Knitting, anyone?

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on Wednesday, 11 October 2006 in Uncategorized


Well, today I was in my office working on the speech I am to give soon in Wisconsin, when in limped Alfie, clearly having trouble walking. When I took a closer look I discovered that his legs were tied together with brown yarn which was also wound around his tail, and when I followed the yarn I discovered that he had also knitted the dining room table. Amazing that he hadn't found my yarn basket (now safely out of reach) before. On the whole he has been a pretty un-mischievous dog, and now he is 6 months old so we tend to forget that he is still a puppy. Here in this picture he is in the TV room, where he scampered when I tried to untangle him, and in doing so re-wound the dining room table one more time.

I will spend tomorrow morning at the Meadowbrook School in Weston, MA. I don't usually visit schools any more (no time) but Meadowbrook bought me at a benefit auction...and so, for a good cause (Reach Out and Read, which provides free books to to babies and toddlers through their medical providers during their first few years) I will go and talk to the kids there. It was also in Weston MA some years ago that I asked a classroom of children for some suggestions to do with the plot of a book I was then writing: ATTABOY, SAM! - and that book is dedicated to those kids, who are all grown up by now.

Then on Friday I head to North Carolina with Martin, in order to celebrate his birthday there with all of his children (3 + 2 spouses) and grandchildren (5: Karen, Sarah, Bailey, Gabrielle, and Schuyler). Then to Wisconsin for the Charlotte Zolotow Lecture on October 18th, and from there to New York for a day-long symposium at Bank Street Colllege on Octber 21st. Whew. Busy month!

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