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on Sunday, 17 February 2008 in Uncategorized


This is the beautiful jacket of the Booker Prize winner "The Gathering" by Anne Enright, which I own but have not yet read, because I am in the middle of one of my childlike rituals involving "You can't do this pleasurable thing until you have completed this other dreaded task"...i.e., I am not allowed to read "The Gathering" until I get my tax stuff in order. Sigh.

But this morning I went to the Barnes & Noble website for a self-serving reason. Last month, when I was in New York, I did a taped interview with Katherine Lanpher for the B&N "One on One" section of their website (click on "All media.") I went to see if it was up yet (it isn't) and remained to browse and came across a video of an "Upstairs at the Square" reading.. The same Katherine Lanpher is the host and interviewer (she's great) of Anne Enright, who read beautifully, and the readings were interspersed with music by a group called Camphor. The music was so well chosen and appropriate that it enhanced the already-wonderful reading and watching the whole event made me want so badly to pick up the book! But alas, the tax stuff must come first.

Another interview I did during the same NY trip was for TIME (yes, the magazine) for Kids, and that one IS available on YouTube http://xml.truveo.com/rd?i=4288178126&a=rss&p=10 and probably as well on a Time website but I don't know how to find that.* In this case I was interviewed by a poised and articulate kid named Hannah (with an unspellable last name; she'll have to change it if she enters show biz) who did a great job.

I DID answer a huge stack of fan mail (real mail, not email, which is easier) this morning and that was one of my list of "you have to do this before..." tasks. One was a letter (my first) from Cambodia!

*Update: I prowled around and found www.timeforkids.com and you can get the interview...plus others...there.

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O. Jimenez Monday, 29 November 1999

As a member of the much maligned "media elite" I'm in support of getting the story correct for the recod. As an ardent supporter of the freedom to read and the First Amendment, I find it worrysome that a Governor of a state would even entertain the idea of banning books.

Hafsa Monday, 29 November 1999

Dear Lois,
My name is Hafsa and I'm almost fourteen now (jan. 11). I am so blessed that you took the time to read. I'm sure you probably have so many other messages to read. I guess the title worked. I tried to think of something that would get my attention if I were you. Anyways, I just wanted to share that you are my inspirtation along with Scott Westerfeld and Louis Sachar. I absolutley LOVE your stories. They're all so well written with a great plot and endings. The F.A.Q. pretty much answered most of my questions. I hope all those people that said mean things understand their losses, and I hope they never ban any of your books. If parents have problems with their children reading your books, then they should simply just explain that to their own kids. It shouldn't have to be your problem. Also, I know how you said you really can't show up at schools, and I completely understand. I was hoping you could someday, but thats fine. You're a big part of my life. While other teenagers would rather party and get in trouble a lot --you know? Like any other typical teenager would. I'd much rather read. Although, I'm not sure if becoming a writer would really be something I'd like to be one day (no offense). I just prefer reading more than writing. Actually, I'm hoping to become a phyciatrist or a nurse someday. I'm not sure how that's going to work out for me though. For now, I'm just going to enjoy reading books in my bed at night, secretly from my parents who think that I'm too obsessed and need sleep. I can't get enough of it. It's just that all your books have some kind of message through them. Kinda like a moral or a fable type, except somehow different. A word I can't really think of. I esspecially love the way you write about your characters. You make it sound so realistic. All my friends are kind of okay with me like this, but sometimes they complain about how boring I am. Can you believe it? If only they could see the excitement, passion and energy that's in me. It's great having something to depend on to help you guide through what seems like an endless hell in school (sorry for cursing). Some teachers just get me so pissed sometimes. The point is, no matter what I'm going through, either at home or school or anywhere else, there's only two things I depend on that I know never let me down. --great authors like you and music. The only two things that mean just about the world to me. -a book and song for every feeling I'll ever feel. How great is that? I'm so grateful for this freedom. Thank you for giving me that freedom. I'll try not to become too obsessed and try to focus on other things like education, family and friend relationships....whatever... I mean, I try my best at that stuff. Sorry if I'm boring you with my life like how my friends say. (hahaha) I'm going to just wrap this up. Okay, you're freakin awesome, thanks for this kick ass website that lets me send you this, and hope you keep writing. Don't let anything get in your way. Good luck in everything that you do. Okay, bye!!!
-Hafsa from New Jersey
P.S. - Merry (early) X-Mas!!! Can't wait til Christmas!!!!!!! I'm getting the book, "Midnighters: Touching Darkness" by Scott Westerfeld this year. Oh, and a bunch of other stuff like new shoes, a few albums, a giftcard at delias & hot topic, this thing that lets you text easily, and um...lets see...BRACES!!! I went to get my check up and they said I need braces. *sigh*

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