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on Monday, 17 March 2008 in Uncategorized

Back from the West Coast, after very hospitable times in Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver; and now I am catching my breath before heading to New York day after tomorrow, just overnight. This is a busy time of year! But Martin is coming with me to New York, because it will be my birthday, and we will go to the theater.

So many friends share my birthday week that it almost makes me believe in Astrology: my friend Joanna, an actress and professor of theater; my friend James, a composer; my friend Alice, a novelist; my friend Haley, a retired professor of Children's Literature....and several others, including two daughters-in-law. March is a good month for a birthday, at least in New England, because you begin to feel...slightly...that spring is on the way.

In Portland I got to watch a reading of the play "Gossamer" and was delighted to see how well the audience responded. It is still technically "in process" so there was a talk-back afterward in which members of the audience had a chance to make suggestions and comments to me and to both theater directors who will produce the play in the fall. There were two child actors and ...let me think...I believe 6 adults...reading at
microphones; and we all...myself included...laughed at times, and dabbed our eyes at other times. (Well, by "all" I don't mean the actors....they stayed in character throughout.....but the audience).

In Seattle, I did an hour-long radio program, mostly interview but some call-ins...and to my amazement, got a call from a friend I had not seen since 1956 when she was a bridesmaid in my wedding when I was a child bride (age 19). I had no idea that she lived in Seattle or that she would recognize the interviewee as her old pal. Somehow we had failed to keep in touch over the years, and it was nice to catch up a bit. (we did that afterward, privately, not in front of the radio audience!)

Now I am catching up, as well, on all the episodes of "In Treatment" that I missed while traveling. And answering a ton of mail, too. In my waiting mail, incidentally, was my new "Kindle" which Ihad ordered several weeks ago, but they were out of stock then. For those who don't know...a Kindle is an electronic book into which one can download up to 200 books... It makes for very easy reading...ALMOST feels like a real book! The reason I wanted it was because I am a very fast reader, which means that I have to schlep several books on any plane or train (or bus, which is what I take to New York) so that I won't be left bookless midway. So I'm very psyched about the Kindle. And I'll try it (well, I've tried it already of course) .. I'll USE it for the first time on my way to New York Wednesday. Four hours down, four hours back. That is usually a three-novel timespan for me. And I've already downloaded three into my Kindle.

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