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Out for the SEASON???

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on Monday, 08 September 2008 in Uncategorized

Oh no!  My son Ben and I went to the local pub-with-a-huge-screen yesterday to watch the Patriots game and there we sat in disbelief watching Tom Brady's injury.  Well, let us see what the Pats do in terms of making lemonade out of a lemon (what a stupid analogy. Sorry.)    It was a full sports day, with the Red Sox win as well, and then in the evening the Serena Williams win at the US Open. Not to mention this thumb-wrestling tournament at my breakfast table yesterday morning:


It was a beautiful weekend in Maine, one of those end of summer weekends that make you yearn for more time. But no. The grandsons are back at school this morning, and their dad back at work, and me still here puttering about to get the house ready for winter.  For some unknown reason my stove has quit working. My very pricey Viking stove :just four years old. And of course no one could come to repair it until next Saturday, and I will be gone by then. So I have to try to arrange a future time, maybe in October, when I can come back, and Bruce-the-repair-guy can put in an appearance.  It will all sort itself out, and is typical of the two-houses-in-different-places problems that arise.

From the little town library I got a Roald Dahl book I wasn't familiar with, about a terrible grandmother and a grandson, George, who concocts a special medicine to destroy her. My grandsons (7 and 10) were gleeful at the thought of their own grandmother reading it to them (actually, their dad and I took turns). Their father did better voices and sound effects than I did.  A very silly book of the sort that Dahl did so well.

The grandsons' two golden retrievers were here as well, so Alfie had playmates and it was an altogether lovely weekend.

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