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on Thursday, 23 July 2009 in Uncategorized

Well, here I am in Paradise, or what Paradise would look like if it were very expensive---but I have decided to pretend it is all Monopoly money, instead of wringing my hands when the children order meals.  The two grandsons I have brought here are 8 and 10.  I have a memory of traveling by train across the country when I was 14, and then earlier, when I was perhaps 5, to Indiana to visit my father before he went overseas.  Both times, of course, we ate in the dining car; and both times we children were ordered (well, sternly advised) to select the least expensive things on the menu. Dining car fare was very expensive!  But I realize that both trips...which should have been memorable for other reasons...remain in my memory with an image of me staring at a menu and hating the cheapest thing: Welsh Rarebit.  Omelet was the other option.

These two children are going to remember the helmet dive we did yesterday, and the swimming with dolphins we'll do tomorrow...plus the many many hours in the pool and the ocean (see photos)

Boys beach

Pancakes every morning:


And I have been thinking---a little late---about the 40th anniversary of the walk on the moon. My kids were 11, 10, 8, and 7; and I bet they all remember watching that event in a small ice cream shop on the coast of  Maine, where there was a parrot in a cage, and a TV set up for the historic event.  We were either driving the older two kids to summer camp, or picking them up at the end of their stay.

Wondering what the boys will remember about our week in Bermuda. Yesterday, at the end of diving, Rhys, age 8, said it was the second funnest thing he'd ever done.  First funnest was white-water rafting---also with me, last summer in Montana (and let me tell you, Grandma was white-knuckled on that excursion---not for  myself, but for the responsibility of those boys. One person on our raft DID go overboard---not us!---an orthodontist from Kansas City.)

I made the mistake this evening of looking at the Major League standings and discovered that Boston fell apart when I left last Sunday.  Waaahhhh.

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