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Crisp November weather

Posted by Lois Lowry
Lois Lowry
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on Wednesday, 18 November 2009 in Uncategorized

Here is Alfie, in his hunting-season garb, so that his white-tipped tail wagging in the underbrush won't be mistaken for that of a deer.

Alfie, hunting season

Here's Susan Goodman a few minutes ago, snagging some of the last apples for yet one more dessert.

Susan picking

and here is Alfie again, munching on leftovers.

Alfie w:apple

This is our last day here, and no, we have not spent all of our time cooking--and eating--apple crisps. We have made two fine soups. We have watched four episodes of "Breaking Bad." And we have both worked.  Hard. Susan started a new book, despaired of it, was re-heartened, and continues to plug away with vigor.  I returned to one in progress, added a new character and a few new plot elements, and got something of a momentum (which will now stall for a bit while I go home and then to Philadelphia for NCTE). Still, moving forward is always good.

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janeyolen Monday, 29 November 1999

Hmmm--never considered that. Okay, have now considered it. Doesn't seem likely.
Thanks, Lois!
Jane Yolen

Jasmine Monday, 29 November 1999

That might be one of the funniest things I will read all week!

ojimenez Monday, 29 November 1999

"And walking back from the river I remember the galling loneliness of my adolescence, from which I do not seem to have completely escaped. It is the sense of the voyeur, the lonely, lonely boy with no role in life but to peer in at the lighted windows of other people's contentment and vitality. it seems comical-farcical-that, having been treated so generously, I should be struck with this image of a kid in the rain walking along the road shoulders of East Milton."
John Cheever

Krista Monday, 29 November 1999

I just had one of Ms. Yolen's and Mr. Teague's dinosaur books in my hand on Friday...convincing a grumpy first grader that it would turn his frown into a smile.
Now, I'm smiling.

Theresa Zimmerman-Earle Monday, 29 November 1999

Thank you, Mrs. Lowry for coming to Saint Mary's College for my graduation. As a future educator, I was touched that you considered yourself a part of my success in life. You are absolutely correct, and I know many of us were excited to have you receive an honorary degree from our school. Thank you!

Maitri Shah
Maitri Shah
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Maitri Shah Wednesday, 11 July 2018
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