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on Saturday, 09 July 2011 in Uncategorized

My grandsons are visiting the farm and Grey, age almost 13, has just been examining this framed collage of my life  made for me by middle schoolers at the Elizabth B. David Middle School in Chester, Virginia, two years ago.  I should have mentioned it back when they gave it to me! But better late than never. So I'm going to let Grey describe some of the things  that he found in it:


This is Grey speaking:

Hi, so here I am in Bridgton Maine apparently describing what I see. I see a great drawing  right in the SMACK middle of the collage of the Newbery award and there is fabulous artwork of some of the many amazing novels my grandmother ( A.K.A. Oma of Omar, don't ask!) has published. Also I see my uncle who sadly perished due to a mechanical error in his aircraft called the F-15 Eagle. I am named after my beloved uncle whom I was never introduced to. Also I saw a drawing with the date "1768", so I then proceded to ask Oma what it meant, and then she told me that is was when the farmhouse that I am sitting in was made.

And now this is Oma speaking, or Omar (I am named, by the boys, for Omar the Tentmaker, because I got them a tent from LL Bean's...and that is where they often sleep in the summer).

Here is Grey, with his brother Rhys, age 10

Grey and Rhys 7:11

In the fall they will be in 8th and 5th grades.

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John Boggs Monday, 29 November 1999

YOu did mention the collage when it was first done. I remember! It was shortly before Crow Call came out.
I am so sorry about your recent loss. I lost my brother a couple years ago; but sitting with him in Hospice for that summer before he died in August was something I'll never forget.

Lois Lowry Monday, 29 November 1999

Oh, good. the kids who made it should have been publicly acknowledged!
Yes, i cannot speak highly enough of Hospice. It was they who made it possible for me to get Martin discharged from the hospital so that he could die peacefully and with dignity in his own home. It was a very meaningful and moving...sad, but surprisingly often happy as well....time.

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