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  • Cote d'Azur

    I am back in Maine, having magically missed the 10 days when 3 feet of snow fell here. Today it is 44 degrees and the sun in shining in a blue sky. I'm sure there will be more snow to come....March is a false-promser; one thnks it is spring on the way (and I have always liked my birthday, allegedly the first day of spring)...but inevitably it disap ...
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  • Grandpa's House

      I have been working on tax stuff...which is BORING...and I did a live radio call-in show with Christopher Paul Curtis...which was fun...and then, sitting here alone (Howard is off playing bridge with his guys' bridge club, a cut-throat group if I ever saw one), I started searching Google Maps for places I have lived in the past.  In a way it i ...
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  • Just for the record...

    I can no longer stay silent. I was personally responsible for the incredible Superbowl win last night. We were watching here in Florida with another couple, all of us from New England, all of us growing increasingly despondent as the score widened. In the third quarter, wiht the score 28-3 in favor of Atlanta, Howard looked at me and said:"You f ...
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    Well, no, This isn't really about Buddhist teachings.  It's about books.  I've been in this business a very long time...my first book for young people was published in 1977...and although all of my 40+ books are still technically in print, some of them are undergoing a refurbishing so that they will have an appeal for a new young audience.  The Ana ...
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  • Idle Hands

      My grandmother...and everyone else's grandmother...used to say that "Idle hands are the devil's playthings"  I am not sure I believe that. Nonetheless, these days when I seem to turn on the news every night...and then fall into despair, watching, but am not able to STOP watching....I needed something to do with my hands. So I have started kni ...
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