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  • Here and There

    How did it become June, when the last time I posted to this blog appears to have been from Hawaii, in January?  Time rushes past. And Twitter diverts attention from the blog; and I am working hard on new book, and I have been in the Far East, and then I was sick.....and   Excuses, all of them. I did go, in April, to Japan, and briefly to Korea. It ...
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  • Such a Full Sea

    I am in Hawaii, my birthplace. But I was born on Oahu, and this trip I am exclusively on Kauai, my favorite of the islands. I am writing this while sitting on the lanai of my rented condo, listening to the waves break on the beach nearby, and I am shaded by some palms, and birds are singing. I am here with a friend and in our days here we have don ...
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  • The Woman in the Striped Pajamas

    I know. I know. The title, with a "boy" instead of a "woman"...has been used. Book. Movie. And I shouldn't co-opt it. But this is only a blog post ("only a flesh wound"...Monty Python) and it is the obvious title, because I am going to illustrate this post with a picture of the actual striped pajamas. They are striped in purple and white, and I w ...
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  • She's Baaaacckk!

    ... ...
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  • Everything Goes Haywire

    ...and I don't have a clue where that phrase came from. Going haywire? What does it mean? But it came to my mind Wenesday ngiht, when...almost simultaneously...a dental implant fell out. Because of a snowstorm the power went off. And..unrelated to the power outage..my email program failed...can't send, can't receive. Is it fair for everythng to h ...
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