Anastasia's Chosen Career

Anastasia's Chosen Career

Anastasia Krupnik is back, and she's agonizing again. A seventh-grade assignment requires her to choose a future career. How can you know, when you're thirteen, what you're going to be when you're grown up? And how can you prepare for a real life career when you can't even prepare a term paper without ten or twelve false starts?

Self-confidence is what Anastasia needs. Where to find it? Studio Charmante, of course.

Lois Lowry's irrepressible Anastasia Krupnik hits the world of the modeling school, collecting a unique cast of characters along the way. This time she pairs up with a dazzling new friend, and continues to share her adventures and discoveries with her funny, lovable family.

"Lowry gives readers a fine mixture of wit and wisdom, offering funny adolescent dialogue that is true to their interests and language." -- School Library Journal, starred review

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