Us and Uncle Fraud

Us and Uncle Fraud

Category: Standalone Books

When Uncle Claude came to visit the Cunningham family during Easter, the only possessions he carried were a shabby old suitcase and a small battered box. But he also brought with him a lot of games, secrets, and intrigues; and when he departed unexpectedly, he left many unanswered questions. What was the meaning of the strange clue he had written down for Marcus and Louise? Did it have anything to do with the missing silverware from the Leboff estate? Was Uncle Claude a thief, an imposter, or just a dream weaver? Lois Lowry has created another wonderful story of mystery and adventure and has peopled it with another one of her truly memorable and lovable families.

"In a more serious tale than the Anastasia novels, Lowry lightens tension with her same high-grade humor and brings thoughtful perceptions to a story that is also full of drama and adventure." -- Booklist Booklist Editors' Choice

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