Find a Stranger, Say Goodbye

Find a Stranger, Say Goodbye

Category: Standalone Books

Natalie Armstrong had everything. Beauty and intelligence, an early acceptance at college, a great boyfriend, and a wonderful, loving family. But the summer when she turned seventeen, Natalie decided to ask that one unanswered question, "Who is my real mother ?" That question sends her on a journey deep into northern Maine and into the mystery of her own past. From phone books, yellowed newspapers, and a picture in a high school yearbook, Natalie begins to piece together the identity of her biological mother and to come to grips with the strangely frightening possibility that she may meet her face to face at last.

Her search for the truth of her birth creates a confusing welter of emotions, from which she emerges with a new sense of the connection between parent and child, the old and the young and with a clearer sense of herself. This is a provocative and multilayered novel, rich in detail and with an extraordinary sensitivity to the feelings and motives of the characters.

"A sad and funny book about [a] . . . teenager who learns the meaning of loneliness and enters adulthood with the knowledge that one can indeed inherit the best of two worlds." -- Booklist, starred review

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