Your Move, J.P.!

Your Move, J.P.!

For the first time in his life, twelveyear-old J P. is in love, and it's making him do all sorts of weird things. Like using deodorant when he doesn't even smell. And bumping into walls. And imagining he hears serenading violins. J.P. has even forgotten his obsession with chess, too caught up in pondering the beauty of Angela Patricia Galsworthy, a girl who has just moved to town from London and has the most charming British accent.

He will go to any length to impress Angela, including catching a rare and fatal disease called triple framosis. "Triple framosis runs in families," he tells Angela in a hushed and stricken voice.

How will J. P. get himself out of his lie? It grows increasingly difficult as Angela continues to discuss his disease and the potential help of her doctor father, a specialist in genetics. Wbat's a poor lovesick boy to do?

Readers will remember the irrepressible JR and his sister from The One Hundredth Thing About Caroline and Switcharound. They're as funny, bright, and lively as ever.

"A sequel to "The One Hundredth Thing about Caroline" and "Switcharound", the book presents a good case for the danger of mixing lies and love and is just as lively and entertaining as the earlier two." -- THE HORN BOOK

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