Feuding siblings Caroline and J. P Tate agree to call a truce in their personal warfare when a threat to their combined well-being arises. Their father, whom they haven't seen in years, wants them to spend the summer with him in Des Moines, and they have no choice in the matter. Upon arrival, the two share unexpected and unpleasant responsibilities. I P. finds himself the coach of a baseball team made up of a motley crew of six-year-olds. And Caroline must share her room with six-month-old twins. Feeling unjustly afflicted, the two team up to plot the Tate Conspiracy for revenge.

An amusing assortment of characters and witty conversation combine to produce an entertaining and easy-to-read tale. Young readers will delight in the mischievous, wacky antics of Caroline and her genius brother J.P., who first appeared in The One Hundredth Thing About Caroline.

"The tender, funny story moves rapidly to an auspicious event where the title proves to have more than one meaning." -- Publishers Weekly

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