The One Hundredth Thing About Caroline

The One Hundredth Thing About Caroline

The most useless and obnoxious thing in the world of eleven-year-old Caroline Tate is her brother, J. P., the genius with the photographic memory. But now, for the first time, she needs him. She needs him because upstairs, in the fifth-floor apartment, it seems that a mystery man named Frederick Fiske is researching obscure poisons so that he can murder Caroline and J. P. and marry their mother.
Caroline's best friend, Stacy, future investigative journalist, is intrigued - but only by the headline she envisions: WOOS MOM, SLAYS KIDS.

J. P., the electronics wizard, is the one with the know-how - and the wires, switches, batteries, and transformers - to turn an ordinary kitchen chair into a do-it-yourself electric chair and an unsuspecting dinner guest, Frederick Fiske, into a grilled cheese sandwich.

All the evidence to convict the murderer is waiting, hidden in a pair of forgotten galoshes. But one of the things about galoshes is that somebody's bound to put a foot into one sometime. And at least one of the hundred things about Caroline is that whatever happens, she's irresistible.

"Lowry's style is bright, fast-paced, and funny, with skillfully drawn, believable characters." -- School Library Journal ALA Notable Book

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